Involve your company

When cooperating with the altruistic association Es Refugi, your company will identify itself with the values of responsibility, dignity and commitment, projecting a positive image to your various target audiences (customers, suppliers, employees, etc.).

Es Refugi offers companies, both PYMES and large corporations, the ability to create alliances and to partake in the social work in order to improve the lifes of the homeless people in a social exclusion situation.

What can your company do?

• Financial donations

• Make the company a partner

• Other donations: food, hygiene products, household items, etc…

• Sponsorship of outreach and awareness activities

• Provision of free services

Companies and people who have contributed to the Es Refugi Christmas market 2014  Pdf

Our gratitude to all companies, institutions, organizations and groups whose contribution and collaboration allow us to continue the work of the Altruistic Association Es Refugi.