What we do

Refugi Pare Gaspar Aguiló, our space

Es Refugi, through the “Refugi Pare Gaspar Aguiló”, provides a series of services that improve the daily life of users, such as beds, places for personal hygiene, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The “Refugi Pare Gaspar Aguiló” is equipped with all the necessary facilities to make life easier for our users::

  • 5 community rooms with a total capacity of 40 beds.
  • 1 living / dining room, equipped with television and library.
  • 1 fully equipped kitchen: gas stove, 2 refrigerators, 4 microwaves, etc.
  • 1 community bathroom, equipped with 6 showers, 8 sinks and 6 toilets.
  • 1 food store, equipped with 3 preservatives and 1 refrigerator.
  • 1 locker to store clothes and personal belongings of users.
  • 1 customer service office.
  • 1 management office.
  • 1 ironing room.
  • 3 washers and 3 dryers
  • 11 boiler room for hot water and heating

Soup kitchen service

Es Refugi, aware of the growth of poverty in our society, has been offering a soup kitchen service in our premises of the “Refugi Pare Gaspar Aguiló”.

Temporarily closed due to the Covid19 pandemic to serve exclusively the users of the reception center, now on a temporary basis day, afternoon and night, the soup kitchen can serve about 25 people a day.