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Our mission and values

Our entity

Es Refugi is a non-profit association that works to welcome and alleviate the basic needs of people who, due to very different circumstances, are in a situation or at risk of social exclusion.

The general profile of the beneficiary users of Es Refugi’s actions are people with broken family, work and social ties.

Our entity collaborates with public organizations, such as the Department of Social Services of the Balearic Government, the Mallorquí Institut d’Afers Socials of the Consell de Mallorca or the Department of Social Services of the Palma City Council, as well as with other third sector entities.


Facilitate centers where anyone can be welcomed and cared for in their most basic needs, at any time of the day or night, until such time as they can find the most appropriate response to their situation of social need; in short, to help the neediest people, in all its aspects, humanizing their living conditions and being an instrument of social transformation through personal and community commitment.


Personalization, individualized work based on the needs, demands and capabilities of the person.

Respect for the person, their way of being, their life history, their rhythms and their personal process.


The Altruistic Association Es Refugi was born on February 10, 1993 with the aim of offering care, as well as a home to homeless people in Mallorca.

During the first years, Es Refugi develops its activity in a hostel located on Calle Apuntadores in Palma and focuses its efforts on sheltering people with drug addiction, providing them with a place to sleep and clean themselves. Likewise, they are offered methadone, syringes and condoms in order to prevent certain diseases.

In 1994, thanks to the local administrations, Es Refugi began a new stage with its transfer to Sa Placeta, where it continues with the same commitment, that is, to offer a shelter place for people with drug addiction without family support, where they could meet their basic needs. Later, Es Refugi is, again, transferred to the Carrilano shelter place.

In 1996, Es Refugi achieved a new goal: the purchase of the Ca l’Ardiaca possessió, located on the outskirts of Palma and very well connected.

In 1999, Es Refugi moved permanently to Ca l’Ardiaca and, as a result of the new social reality, began the management of a shelter house for migrant minors, until they can be cared for by other centers managed directly by the competent social services. At the same time, the Ca l’Ardiaca center continues to host a shelter house for adults.

In 2007, Es Refugi completed an in-depth reform of Ca l’Ardiaca, which aims to adapt the facilities to safety, health and disability standards, installing ramps and emergency stairs.

In 2009, the Balearic Government recognized the social work carried out by Es Refugi and awarded it the Ramon Llull Prize, together with Can Gazà and Zaqueo.

In 2013, Es Refugi decided to expand its care work and opened a soup kitchen in the same facilities as Ca l’Ardiaca II.

In 2019, the Ca L’Ardiaca II shelter house is renamed Refugi Pare Gaspar Aguiló in homage and recognition to the promoter of the entity, coordinator for many years and today honorary president, Father Gaspar Aguiló.

Currently, Es Refugi cares for long-term unemployed, overwhelmed by non-payment of mortgages, who have lost the right to unemployment benefit and with the breakdown of their family ties, and who have seen their situation of exclusion worsened in 2020 due to the global pandemic of Covid19.

Board of Directors

President: Fernando Villalobos Cabrera
First Vice President: José Luis Cortey Roig
Second Vice President: Marieta Salas Zaforteza
Third Vice President: Margarita Bordoy Seguí
Assistant Secretary to the Presidency: María Rosa Arregui Álava
Deputy Secretary to the Presidency: Ángela Aguiló Lemoine
Member: Antonia Ferriol Jodar
Vocal: Antonio Seijas Orol
Member: Catalina Garau Obrador
Member: Juan Antonio Marimón Pizá
Member: Juana Aroca Beltrán
Honorary President: Gaspar Aguiló Capó